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Наша англійська. Підручник для 8 класу загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів (7 рік навчання).

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• Видавництво: "Освіта"
• Рік видання: 2008
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Dear friends,


You all know this English proverb: A good beginning makes a good ending, so if from the very first week of your study you will start exploring this coursebook, you will make a great progress in English.

First you are suggested to review the main themes you learned last year.

Then you will learn more about Ukraine and Great Britain, their geographical situation, landscapes, resources, climate, plant and animal world, the population and the wonders of the nature of both countries.

You will speak more about everyday life of teenagers, about their relationships, work and leisure time, about types of schools and school life, about what your peers read, write, listen and talk about. You will also learn how to compare a lot of things, to discuss urgent issues, to argue and express your points of view.

Finally, you will have an excellent opportunity to improve your English by reading about the adventures of most famous and popular literary heroes.

A special flavour in the process of your study will be received by you from the fact that the heroes of this coursebook will start discovering a new planet.

All this hopefully will help you build up your English — very special for you and for others around you to enjoy.


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