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Welcome to English Study. Підручник з англійської мови для 7го класу шкіл із поглибленим вивченням англійської мови, гімназій, ліцеїв, коледжів.

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• Видавництво: "Видавництво Карп'юка"
• Рік видання: 2004
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Dear Boys and Girls!


Congratulations! You're just starling the seventh year of Your English Study! It means you're going to gel mare!

Do you remember your last school year? It was devoted to travels around the places and through the history. You were learning how to speak and act in Great Britain, what to tell about your native country to your pen-friend You've read a lot of information and tested yourselves in quiz-games. You've been taught how to read stories and poetry. Some special exercises with instructions helped you to write your own stories and make your own script of a play. You can write a biography about your favourite writer and make a book report now You can dramatize dialogues and act out sceres like real actors. Vocabulary Builder and Mr Grammar were and will always he where they have to be with you.

And now Your Mind seems to be like a Storehouse with all those words and grammar rules. You need to make your vocabulary work for you and to make your grammar Skills more active So, you need lo develop your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Habits.

Though you won’t meet with "Listen, Speak & Act" section any more, you’ll be learning how to act and communicate with each other in your everyday activities in English You’re going to continue doing your steps in compositions and, of course, you'll start up with writing quite new kinds of work with your classmates. You'll get more information about things and people about the world around us.

"Look, think, discuss and make your own choice" will be the section devoted to the new ideas of your further English Study.

I hope your new school year will be full of exciting and interesting activities in cooperation with each other!


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