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Англійська мова. Підручник для 11 класу загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів (10 рік навчання).

• Автор:
• Видавництво: "Астон"
• Рік видання: 2011
• Сторінок: 296
• Формат файлу: pdf


Read and discuss the letter in class.


Congratulations! You're back to school again. and you will be called a school leaver now as this year Is the last one of your study at secondary school.
In ten months you're going to take your finals and make up your mind what to do in your personal future. You should be a good manager of time and work hard to prepare for your exams as well as for making your own choice after school.
Learning is a precious gift to be treasured always. Whether you are from. Kyiv or London, you all must appreciate and embrace knowledge as the key to achievement of your dreams.
Why do you need to know English? English Is becoming a global language. At least half a billion people in the world use English at home or work. Problems of the 21st century, such as problems of war and peace, democracy, ecology and demography cannot be solved if people cannot speak the same language. Interpreters take time and now time is as precious, as never before. So, dear boys and girls, don't waste your time. Go on studying English each and every day.


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