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Англійська мова. Підручник для 9 класу середньої школи.

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Back at the desks again


The summer is over, and we are back at our desks again.

It was a beautiful summer. We went in for sports, travelled and went sightseeing. We learned many interesting things about the towns which we visited.

When the weather was warm we went to swim in the river and spent almost the whole day there. But when it rained and the weather was bad, we stayed at home or went to the cinema to see a new film.

Many schoolchildren who live in the country helped their parents to gather in the harvest. Some pupils of town schools have relatives in the country and lived there. They worked in the fields in the morning and had an active rest in the afternoon.

During our summer holidays we also read many interesting books, watched many interesting TV programmes and visited many exhibitions, concert halls, theatres and museums.

We enjoyed our summer holidays very much.


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